Instructors of the North London Aikido Dojo

The Technical Directors and Chief Instructors of the North London Aikido Dojo are Ken Gannon & Linda McQuillan.

Ken Gannon

Linda McQuillan

Ken, who is 6th Dan, started practising aikido in 1977 at Trinity College, Dublin under John Rogers (Seán MacRuairí) who is now 7th Dan and Technical Director of the Irish Aikido Federation. Linda, who is 5th Dan, started at the same dojo a couple of years later. From 1979 Ken taught at the dojo with Linda as assistant instructor. In 1986 they both moved to London, where they trained under the late Kanetsuka Sensei 8th Dan (British Aikido Federation) at the Ryushinkan Dojo, both as assistant instructors. They opened North London Aikido Dojo in 1999. They have also taught courses in Ireland, the Isle of Man and Greece.  They have trained extensively under senior instructors from the Aikikai Hombu Dojo and have trained regularly in the Aikikai Hombu Dojo.

The assistant instructors at the dojo are:

Lucy Aitken, 3rd Dan

Doug Rabson, 3rd Dan

All instructors at the dojo have Coach status from the BAB.