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Membership and fee information for the North London Dojo

The first class is free to newcomers. After the first class a special offer of £35 applies, which covers Personal Accident insurance for twelve months and five classes. After this initial period, regular membership fees apply (membership forms here).

Membership fees (Adults 18+)

Annual membership fee:
£30, which includes Personal Accident insurance cover and annual subscription to the British Aikido Board. A special rate of £20 applies to newcomers for the first year.

Training fees

Payments by standing order:
£70 per month. This covers all regular aikido classes and Chi Kung classes and a 50% reduction on weekend courses in the dojo.  All standing orders should be paid on the first of month.

Payment by Session card:
£70 for 10-session card. The session card is valid for four months from the date of purchase.

Fee per class:
£10 per class.This method of payment is intended for visitors and beginners who do not purchase a 10-session card or do not set up a standing order. The first class is free of charge; the fee thereafter is £10 per class.

Grading fees

We hold regular gradings for members of the dojo.  These generally occur as part of some of the regular courses and a fee must be paid when taking a grading.  This is payable regardless of the outcome of the grading.  The fees are:

  • 6th kyu £10
  • 5th kyu £10
  • 4th kyu £10
  • 3rd kyu £10
  • 2nd kyu £10
  • 1st kyu £10