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Aikido (the Way of Harmony) is a Japanese martial art whose origins lie in the samurai arts of jujitsu and swordmanship. It is non-competitive and is based on principles of self-defence, employing non-resistance and circular movements to deflect and control attacks. The focus in training is on the development of             internal energy (known as ki in Japanese arts and chi in Chinese arts).

In our dojo we practice aikido under the guidance of instructors from the Aikikai Hombu Dojo and are committed to following the approach to teaching and training exemplified by Doshu and the senior instructors at Hombu Dojo. Our manner and style of training, our technical syllabus and our grading syllabus are based on those of the Aikikai Hombu Dojo.

The club provides a friendly atmosphere in which to train and new members are always welcome. The Chief Instructors are Ken Gannon and Linda McQuillan. The club has recognition from the Aikikai Foundation (Aikido World Headquarters, Tokyo) and the British Aikido Board

You can find out more about Aikido on the Aikikai Foundation site by following the link to Hombu Dojo in the "Links" tab and you can see a very interesting movie about overseas students training at the AIkikai Hombu Dojo by clicking on the link below.


Children's classes: Please note that there will be no classes on the following dates because of the mid-term break:

Friday 19th October and Friday 26th October

Sunday 21st October and Sunday 28th October

Our next dojo seminar will be on Saturday 3rd November 2018.  Please see under "Upcoming courses" for more information.

Once again we will have the honor and pleasure of hosting a seminar with Sugawara Shihan in March 2019.   Please see under "Upcoming courses" for more information.        


We also teach Chi Kung.  For more information please click on the link below:

North London Chi Kung